Welcome to Queen Street Community Centre

About Us

We are in the heart of the Anglesey Ward of Burton Upon Trent, next to Anglesey School.

Our aim is to provide a great facility that brings the whole community together through a wide range of interesting and fun group activities and events.

Meet Our Team

Our Bookings and Administration Lead will help you with your hiring enquiries, on hand to help you choose the right room for your needs.

Our Caretaker is really important to the running of the centre, making sure the building is clean and safe for your use.  

Meet Our Board & Trustees

We are a registered charity, and have a board and small group of trustees who help oversee the running of the centre.

Our board members and trustees are all volunteers from the area who meet regularly to make sure the centre meets the needs of our local community.

Here’s a link to the Charity Commission with details of our charity status.


We all want the centre to be available and used by all local people and groups and we are passionate about creating a safe and secure space which is fully inclusive and open to all our local residents. We want you to use and enjoy the community centre and we would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or improvements that could help us in our quest to serve our community.

So please feel free to contact us we’d love to hear from you.